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Will Drotsky


Will Drotsky is a clinical, forensic and counselling psychologist in private practice on the Gold Coast. He is the founder and the principal psychologist of the after-hour psychology practice, PsychologyCare in Miami on the Gold Coast. A trained specialist in various therapeutic treatments including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), he incorporates an holistic and integrative approach to best meet the needs of his clients.         

Will is an honorary teaching fellow at Bond University on the Gold Coast and is supervising Masters and Doctorate clinical psychology students of Bond University and Griffith University.   


Will has practised psychology abroad and worked in public mental health, hospital settings, private corporations, non-government organisaions and in private practice. His experience covers a diverse group of clients and disorders.

His current areas of interest and specialisations are anxiety and anxiety related disorders, stress management, trauma and mood disorders.         

As part of his post-graduate studies, Will completed a research project on goal-setting in therapeutic context and offers TheraCoaching as part of his services. TheraCoaching is a combination of therapy and coaching, devised to help clients achieve their personal and professional goals in life. 


Will's approach

Will believes in a body-mind connection and follows an holistic approach to therapy, with emphasis on a healthy life style and work-life balance. Will ensures a safe, relaxed and confidential environment when working with his clients. He uses treatment modalities that are backed by scientific research and that have been demonstrated to be effective in the long-term. 

Will values the client-therapist relationship as the key to successful treatment results. Each of his clients is treated as an individual with unique circumstances, desires, dreams and strengths. Will endeavours to tailor treatment to best suit his client's personality and situation.


A Collaborative Treatment Approach


We follow an integrative and collaborative approach to therapy, tailoring the treatment to meet the unique needs of our clients. We strive to provide fast, effective and long-term results in a safe, supportive, compassionate and confidential environment. We use the latest empirically supported treatment approaches to help lower distress, improve daily functioning, manage stress more effectively and achieve the changes our clients want.  

Psychological Assessments


Psychological Assessment is a process of using psychometric tests and tools or a combination of techniques to help understand a person's personality, interest, clinical picture or intellectual capability. Together, testing and assessments allows the psychologist to see the full picture of a person's strengths and limitations. We use a variety of Psychological Assessments in our practice in consultation with our clients to assist in formulating diagnosis and treatment plans. Psychological Assessments usually incur an additional fee. 



We offer professional supervision for registered psychologists, university students and supervision for endorsed clinical, forensic and counselling registrars. Please contact us for more information. 

Evidence Based Treatment


Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is a focused, problem-solving psychotherapy that has been shown in hundreds of studies to be highly effective for the treatment of many mental health problems.

In CBT, the psychologist and the client work together as a team to identify and solve problems. It involves collaborative effort to examine, understand and modify unhelpful behaviour and thought patterns that have a negative influence on mood and overall well-being. 

Distressing thoughts, feelings and unhelpful behaviours often impair one's life and pursuit of things they value and want to achieve. Clients learn strategies and skills that enable them to manage difficult thoughts and feelings while establishing healthier ways of behaving and living, and pursuing more what they want in their lives.   

Mindfulness and Acceptance involves strategies to promote increased awareness and acceptance of distressing thoughts and feelings, while committing to desired behaviour change and life goals.  

Relaxation Techniques and Training focus on teaching individuals to relax, reduce stress and lower blood pressure through methods of focused breathing, progressive muscle relaxation and body scans.  

Biofeedback Therapy is a treatment technique in which anxious and stressed people are trained to improve their health by using signals from their own bodies to relax.  



TheraCoaching is a combination of therapy and coaching devised to help clients move forward in achieving their goals. We help you to break through your obstacles, set realistic goals, boost motivation and ultimately achieve personal and professional success.    

Consultation and Fees


Medicare referrals:  You may be able to access up to 10 sessions per year that qualify for a Medicare rebate. As part of the federal government's Better Access to Mental Health Initiative, eligible clients can receive a Medicare rebate of up to $124.50 per session if you have a Mental Health Care Plan from your GP or Psychiatrist, resulting in a gap payment of $45.50.

After Hours:  There is NO surcharge for after-hours appointments.   

Bulk Billing and Reduced Fees:  We offer bulk billing for concession card holders.   

Workers Compensation:  Your GP is often the first point of contact if you wish to make a claim under QLD WorkCover. Your GP can help you with your claim and make a referral to see a clinical psychologist. 

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Will Drotsky

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